You’re the Best

Silence. Meditation. Retreat. In most eastern spiritualities, these are revered as essential aspects of enlightenment. And for good reason.

Communication is tricky. From a very young age, our thought patterns are wired a certain way based on the language we learn to communicate with. The vocabulary it holds, the grammatical structure it provides, even the way the words roll off our tongues; it all filters our perception of the world we create.

In order to be a functional human in society, language is necessary, but it also skews our perception of reality.

Yet when we begin to commit ourselves to reality- to a world of universal compassion and love- how can we learn to communicate in such a way that embraces the limitations of language and use it to our advantage?

The most effective way I have found is through movement. Easy answer coming from a retired dancer, yes. But as anyone can attest- the body does not lie.

Our minds, our feelings, even our friends and family can and do lie. But our bodies always tell the truth- they constantly give us signals: pain, grief, freedom, joy, tears… of what is happening. So if we can rely on our body to tell us the truth, then why not use it to express the truth?

It may not be in the form of a choreographed dance set to music or in asana… but what it can be is the way in which you shake someone’s hand- is it a tight grip to exhibit strength, or is it soft and shy? Or maybe it’s in the way you walk- sluggish and dragging on the ground or a gentle kiss of the earth with each step? Even the qualities of the way you chew your food, blink your eyes, or deepen your breath…


The best things cannot be told.
-Heinrich Zimmer-


If the best things cannot be told, how do you feel them in your body, and how do you express them without words?

How are you the best?

Let’s be our best together. To find out how and where, take a look below at where you’ll find me so we can share and shine on.

With an open heart,


Kevin Yee-ChanYou’re the Best