Recognize the Unknown.
Unfettered by story, it hovers in and out of sight-
a tantalizing dance of intrigue.

Become familiar with the Unknown.
Although you hesitate to answer the knock at your door,
it may just be the visitor you have been waiting for.

Become friends with the Unknown.
While at first, it may be a strange and unwelcome guest,
it arrives yearning to dance and unearth hidden treasures.
Learn the steps and dig.

Travel with the Unknown to distant lands, across
different times and observe as you become
full with treasure… each step fuller than the last.

The weight of treasure roots you deep
in the earth, asking all your strength as you begin to
lose sight of your friend, dancing away lightly
towards the horizon.

Take off the masks and the clothes,
the labels and thoughts and stories…
and when you are bare of everything but
your newfound treasure,

Run with all your might towards the Unknown.
Run until one by one, the gifts you have unearthed
tumble and fly from your grasp.
Run until you are naked, empty, flying towards
an invisible target.

Fly through space in the splendor of nothingness.


Look around and find yourself in a foreign place, in
another time, naked of everything you have known.


Knock, knock.



Kevin Yee-ChanTreasure

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