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Somatic Qigong + Acupuncture

is a community healing gathering that cultivates your body’s innate healing wisdom.

Kevin guides classical qigong forms with a somatic vocabulary that highlights a lens of interoception: your inner felt-sense awareness.

The focus of each class is to move through the various layers of 2-3 qigong exercises which are chosen for the season. Learn the important differences between stacking your bones, mobilizing + strengthening connective tissue, and kneading the texture of specific muscle and organ tissue for optimal circulation and health.

Come as you are. This practice will be based in gentle listening with options for challenge, strength, and growth for all bodies and abilities.

You’ll end with rest and rejuvenation through a community acupuncture session. This assists your body’s integration of the subtle and collective healing time in practice.

April 25
AO Studio

$25-45 sliding scale

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These workshops combine embodied yoga practices with pottery. They are for individuals and groups seeking a blend of mindfulness, connection, and relaxation through creativity. This is a serene space for participants to engage in their innate healing and expressive nature.

Each month will embody a different element. This month is AIR. This session will include a 1 hour yoga class led by Kevin Yee-Chan that will transition into making our third ritual item, the incense burner. Participants will be taught various handbuilding methods to create a few different incense burner forms.

Our mission is to provide a rejuvenating experience that fosters physical and mental well-being through the synergy of yoga and pottery.

Duration: 2.5 hours 11AM – 1:30 PM
Date: Sunday, May 5th
Instructors: Kevin and Wynnie
Where: Báhoo Studio

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