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To celebrate the Spring Equinox, join us for great music, choice-based yoga movement & intuitive movement paired with energetic arts.

Join teacher Kevin Yee Chan (he/they) and energetic artist Adriana Sabrina Koc Spadaro (she/her) for a special class to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

You’ll be guided through yoga and exploratory movement with Kevin to access the essence of intuition. Tap into flow state and warm the soul to a place of trust in the body.

Adri will capture your energy with art during the class and you will go home with an intuitive mini portrait (and optional reading of your artwork)

After class, you are invited to stay for tea and the Fall Equinox Community Mixer. Interact with self guided ritual practices to land into autumn and possibly make a new friend!

March 20
5:30-7:30pm The Art of Embodied Intuition (registration required)
7:45-9:00pm Fall Equinox Community Mixer (open to all by donation)

AO Studios
554 Clark Dr

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Elemental Flow: in the nature of wisdom and growth

Kevin’s practice blends the energetics of qigong and the form of yoga to bring you to inherent, somatic pathways of curiosity and knowing.

The transition of seasons is an ideal time to cultivate relationship amongst our internal elemental systems. As the winter water season moves toward springy wood, we’ll move somatically between flow and force, kidneys and liver, inner wisdom and outward growth.

Come as you are. This practice will be based in gentle listening with options for challenge, strength, and growth for all bodies and abilities.

March 24
2-3:30pm | $35

Yoga Lab Victoria

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Questions? Reach out, let’s chat.

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