Living Yogic Wisdom

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Jan 14 – Mar 6, 2022 | Extended Program
May 2-29, 2022 | Intensive Program
New Location: KWENCH

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Yoga Teacher Training

Living Yogic Wisdom is a training program facilitated by Tracey Noseworthy, Kevin Yee-Chan and Rachel Athey.

While the training had its first home at Fernwood Yoga Den, it will continue to be shared at KWENCH: a multi-functional event, work, and community space providing us the platform to take the training programs to a new level.

Making yoga accessible to everyone is the cornerstone of the community and the training. This training has been partnered and supported by Lululemon’s “Here to Be” project. The project recognizes our efforts as an organization making yoga and meditation tools available to individuals facing barriers including survivors of violence and trauma. Our trainings are a wonderful way to deepen your own practice and knowledge and learn ways in which yoga can make a broader social impact.

Here to Be

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

We offer two programs yearly in condensed and extended formats. These programs are perfect for individuals looking to enrich their understanding of yogic principles and philosophies, deepen their personal practice and learn ways to share these transformational tools with others. Our programs meet you where you are, whether you want to teach or are pursuing this training for personal growth.  The program is led by Tracey Noseworthy, Kevin Yee- Chan and Rachel Athey and supported by our community of yoga teachers and wellness experts. The Program is conducted with a small group, adhering to all safety guidelines for COVID-19 provided by our Provincial Government and the BCCDC.

Rachel is passionate about making healing modalities more accessible.

Rachel’s background comes from 10 years in Victoria’s Non-Profit sector, working with populations facing multiple barriers, specifically homelessness, domestic violence and addictions. Rachel is currently completing a master’s degree in Clinical Counselling. She teachers Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Ethics.

Through a first career as a ballet/modern dancer and a deep curiosity of yoga and Chinese medicine, Kevin has come to an intimate knowledge of the body.

His passion for empowerment through the body is based on traditions ranging from Tantric Shaivism to Hatha, musical theater to classical Indian music, ballet to martial arts. His practices weave modern viewpoints with the timeless wisdom of yoga, dance, and holistic medicine. Kevin teaches philosophy, mantra, chanting, yoga lifestyle, movement & mobility.

Tracey is a Lululemon Ambassador and was named “Most Distinguished Yoga Teacher” At Victoria’s Yoga conference and it’s easy to understand why!

Tracey brings an incredible depth of knowledge from years of training with Shiva Rea and Janet Stone to all of her offerings. Loved for her energy, warmth and ability to make even the most challenging classes a fun and beautiful experience. Tracey teaches Vinyasa & Sequencing, Teaching Methodologies and Mentorship.

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Our 200 hour programs explore

– History & Philosophy

– Anatomy and Physiology

– Mantra & Meditation

– Movement & Mobility

– Vinyasa & Sequencing

– Yin & Restorative Yoga

– Trauma Sensitive Yoga

– Yoga as an act of service

– Creating social impact

Extended Program

Jan 16 – Mar 6, 2022
Fridays 5:30-8:30pm, Saturdays & Sundays 8am-4pm
Location: KWENCH
Email for more information

Deposit: $300

Intensive Program

May 2-29, 2022
First 3 Weeks Monday-Friday 7am-4pm & Saturdays 10:30am-4:30pm (Sundays off)
Last week is Practice, Practicum and Integration.

Deposit: $300

300-hr YTT and Specialty/Advanced Certifications:

Living Yogic Wisdom hosts certification courses and continuing education workshops in various specializations. More information coming soon.


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