Weekly Drop-In Yoga

Grounded (Yin & Rest) Yoga

Mondays 8-9pm

beginner level practice for all bodies

A passive practice with long holds, deep breaths, and guided meditation. Find (and re-find) the ways in which you can soothe the mind, support the nervous system, and invite ease in the body.

Ignite (Power) Yoga

Fridays 9:30-10:30am

adventurous level practice for all bodies

A dynamic and powerful practice cultivating strength, mobility and harnessing power from within. Expect to move, groove and find your balance between effort and ease.

Tune In (Hatha) Yoga

Sundays 10:20-11:35am

moderate level practice for all bodies

An active practice with slow flows and long holds to nest you deeper into the core essence of mind and body. Get curious about your inner landscape and learn to tend deeply with care and compassion.

Kevin Yee-ChanWeekly Drop-In Yoga