a spring equinox ritual

Mar 18 4:30-7:00pm
Vancouver, BC – Werklab

Intuition + Direction = Intention in Action


The midpoint from winter to summer offers a moment to align with intention: how and where do we direct it to provide the heart-mind-body complex the optimal conditions to enliven our daily actions?

Join Malina and Kevin for a soulful evening of ceremony, breathwork, and rest/acupuncture. Tend to your intuition- the guttural pulse that can steer you with the body’s innate wisdom toward fulfillment.

Ceremony. Space is opened and intention is set with the co-creation of a community altar. Bring photos of your teachers or ancestors to honor them alongside live music and mantra.

Breathwork to access your inner compass, your intuition, your body’s deepest knowing. Bring a journal if you desire.

Rest/Acupuncture. Let the subconscious do the work. Restorative yoga practice with the option of community acupuncture lays ground for intentional rest; trust your gut, align with the heart, emerge with a renewed scope of your intention in action.

Please bring any and all props you have to support the most comfortable posture as the studio doesn’t have enough for everyone – this includes a bolster and a blanket and a cushion for the head.

Dec 21, 4:30-7:00pm
Werklab Studios

Ceremony. Breath. Rest. $50
Ceremony. Breath. Acupuncture. $70
Pay-what-you-can available upon request

Kevin Yee-ChanEmerge: a spring equinox ritual