Community Acupuncture & Restorative Meditation

Heal within, shine together

25 Feb 3pm
26 Feb 1pm
Vancouver, BC – CMMN GRND

An embodied practice to feel and experience the powerful relationship between subtle inner healing and collective vitality.


In an intimate group (10 persons), you are welcomed with a verbal introduction to community acupuncture: providing the context of science and philosophy for the healing that it offers- questions are welcome! Continue to ground the body with a restorative yoga posture as you are guided through a meditation to clear the 5 senses (Bhuta Shuddhi meditation.) As we settle the collective nervous system together, you’ll receive ear acupuncture that brings greater depth of relationship to the natural systems of healing and rejuvenation within.

Bring a journal for reflection if you desire, and leave with a sense connection to your unique self as it is woven through a tapestry of support- our community. By healing within, we shine brighter in the big picture together.

25 February 3-4:30pm
26 February 1-2:30pm

Kevin Yee-ChanCommunity Acupuncture & Restorative Meditation