To the victims…

To the victims…

I hear you.
I see you.
I will never know what it was like at that moment.
I know what it is like in this moment.
I feel confused.
I am overwhelmed with pain. It’s because
I love.
I will not forget.

Kevin Yee-ChanTo the victims…
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Separate Suspension

Skin on skin, the creator to the creation
melting seamlessly into one.

Release fades and in that fading, all
illusion of separate suspends.

Kevin Yee-ChanSeparate Suspension
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Tat Tvam Asi

A trail of incense carves the space of emptiness behind.
Smokey imprints gently fading with the pulse of Now.

Designs of grand proportion sit quietly in the sand,
Each single grain an expression of the unknown
appearing to knowing eyes.

Settle, sink, swim in the ecstasy of liberation.
Love abounds. Thou art that.

Kevin Yee-ChanTat Tvam Asi
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