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*Our therapeutic space exists in a larger office building with gendered washrooms. You are supported to use whichever washroom aligns with your needs.


is a 5,000 year-old medicine that uses the careful insertion of small needles to engage the body’s innate self-healing response. It releases muscular and fascial tension, eliminates toxins and fatigue, increases blood circulation, eases stress, regulates hormones, and strengthens the immune response to disease.

*Massage in the form of tui na (Chinese medical massage), acupressure (finger pressure), and reflexology can be used for similar results.

Tui Na (Chinese medical massage)

translates to “push and grasp.” This style of massage uses Chinese medicine meridian and organ theory in combination with specific body manipulations like pushing, grasping, holding, twisting, shaking, and stretching. This provides the equivalent to a range of styles like deep tissue, sports therapy, sports therapy, somatic release, and craniosacral therapy which harmonizes and improves flow of blood and qi (energy) through the entire body, nervous system, and mind.


is like a reverse massage. Instead of pushing tissues into the body, warm cups are placed on the skin creating a vacuum through which tissues and circulation are pulled out from the bones toward the skin. This technique stimulates and mobilizes blood, lymph, and qi (energy). It is an effective way of breaking up tension and obstruction to create pathways for toxins to be circulated out of the body.

*Cupping may cause non-permanent red marks, swelling, or bruising on local areas for a few days to one week.


is the practice of burning dried mugwort over specific points or needles on the body. This produces infrared radiation that penetrates the body to facilitate circulation that simultaneously warms and moves pain that is stuck in the body. It is particularly helpful in cooler climates and conditions, helping to build the body’s natural immune defences against illness.


uses direct pressure to points that stimulate specific organs, systems, and circulation. While these points on the feet correlate to the whole body, accessing them through the feet provides a more palpable connection to the ground. This is particularly helpful for symptoms like headaches, anxiety, and pain in the feet and legs.

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