A Love Letter.

Despair. There are moments in our lives when this feeling is unavoidable. Something happens- a misunderstanding with a loved one, a happy ending lost, senseless terror attacks… who knows why these things happen, but they do. And then for a flash, it appears: hopelessness.

It’s easy to let that flash of a feeling turn into a long visit. Extreme sadness and loss can be consuming. I hear from so many people how the world is “just getting crazier and crazier.” And I can sense the hope drifting out of their voice and their spirit.

And while this saddens me deeply, I see that I have a choice. I can hop on the wagon of hopelessness and throw my hands in the air, or I can look all that craziness straight on and widen my heart around it.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous to welcome feelings of despair, pain, and grief with an open heart- to welcome these senseless attacks with an open heart. But when they do happen, what other option do we have? It is only by feeling the immense and pure tragedy of life that we can understand just how much light we can shine… just how much love is needed.

We are living in a generation in which we pride ourselves on being innovative- in technology and science mostly. When we see a need for something, we figure out how to make it: smart phones, the Internet, stem cell research…

Our innovation is discovered when it is needed.

So when tragedy comes- followed by pain, grief, and maybe even a period of despair- how can we use these opportunities to find what’s needed within us? How can we find ways to connect with renewed compassion and love?

Maybe it starts with something big: giving CPR, housing and feeding someone who is unable to do so for themselves. Or maybe it’s small: a friendly smile to a stranger or a simple pause in gratitude.

But the time has come for us to discover what is needed. The time has come for us to share our immense capacity to love. This planet. These creatures. Each other. Ourselves.

The time has come for us to be innovative in finding new ways to love.

To all those I may have hurt, I love you.
To all those who may be hurting, I love you.
To all those, I love you.

France, je t’aime.

Avec tout mon cœur,


Kevin Yee-ChanA Love Letter.

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