December 2019

Manifest: make less change, make more space.

As the year draws to a close, it seems that so many of us- intentionally or not- move into reflective practices. This can be a potent energy to ride as the majority of our society gathers collectively at the precipice of transition. It is a sacred space- much like sunrise or sunset- where we are not defined by day or night. It’s a space where we linger in-between definitions of what seems so concretely real and entertain the possibilities of that reality being altered. It is a void which invites possibility.

And as many renew their intentions- attempts to catalyze alterations in reality- I wonder why it is that many of us struggle to see this change through. As with most philosophical questions and cerebral musings, I turn to the body- to my physical practice- to guide me toward truth. After all, the body never lies.

Kevin Yee-ChanManifest: make less change, make more space.
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