May 2016

Power of Choice

At every moment possible, we can be aware of the fact that there are choices.

I’m often asked, “How do you do it?” People can have a glamorized idea of what my life is like traveling and living internationally as an artist and teacher.

In some ways, this is indicative of the culture of advertising and marketing that has blossomed around the more modern and western ways of commercialism. In order to sell, we promote benefits. And while these benefits are certainly important, that doesn’t mean that they come without difficulties.

Kevin Yee-ChanPower of Choice
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Practice Perfect

As mistakes start to dance more and more with exploration, we realize that they might not be mistakes at all; but rather a single aspect of burgeoning curiosity.

How do we recover from mistakes? I have been asking this question quite a lot lately as I observe all kinds of people- myself included- moving through their bodies and voices. The obvious answer is that when we fall, we get up and try again. Practice makes perfect, right? So we repeat over and over. Fall, get up, fall get up, fall get up… we come back again and again. But really, how effective is this? Does practice really make perfect? Well, yes and no.

Kevin Yee-ChanPractice Perfect
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