April 2016

Separate Suspension

Skin on skin, the creator to the creation
melting seamlessly into one.

Release fades and in that fading, all
illusion of separate suspends.

Kevin Yee-ChanSeparate Suspension
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IntuiTalk | Joseph Imhauser

"Ingenuity feeds self-discovery through imagination and creativity."

Joseph is a creator on many levels. We met nearly 10 years ago, and over this time I have been lucky enough to witness the scope with which his art and life continually evolve. He has a perspective that is both expansive and universally inclusive; I am often left in awe of the ways that is expressed.

Through creation, he challenges the habits of the mind and participates in life in a way that moves beyond the constructs of socially imposed limitations. He is a multi-dimensional visionary that I humbly and gratefully adore.

Kevin Yee-ChanIntuiTalk | Joseph Imhauser
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