March 2016

Tat Tvam Asi

A trail of incense carves the space of emptiness behind.
Smokey imprints gently fading with the pulse of Now.

Designs of grand proportion sit quietly in the sand,
Each single grain an expression of the unknown
appearing to knowing eyes.

Settle, sink, swim in the ecstasy of liberation.
Love abounds. Thou art that.

Kevin Yee-ChanTat Tvam Asi
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Sounds like…

I recently had the luck to attend morning Aarti at a Durga temple in Varanasi, India. It was 5am- that quiet hour before sunrise- and as I stood in the middle of a small crowd in a place of worship filled with rich carvings and structures, in front of us the sweet, warm blaze of fire and incense offerings filled the air. All quite atmospheric, yes, but what struck me most about the experience was the symphony of sounds created in this most peaceful, serene and sacred time of day.

As the offerings were made, everyone present was offering a piece of him or her self through sound. Chanting, mantra, and the clamoring of countless bells filled the space. In this case, the mix of sounds created an intense vibration that not only struck the ears, but sent a pulse of love through the body and into the heart.

Kevin Yee-ChanSounds like…
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IntuiTalk | Denise Payne

"It's not what you do, it's what you think about what you do that matters."

Denise and I first met when I stumbled into one of her open classes in Bali. After several years at the helm of her own studios in Portland, she came to share her talents and inspiration with the community in Ubud. I was quickly drawn to her clear and direct practice with all of its challenges and rewards. She offers ways of laughing with and enjoying hard work… something we all benefit from.

Her depth of practice with the chakra system, her constant reminders of ground, bandhas and breath and her lightness have been key factors in understanding my participation as a creator with life.

Kevin Yee-ChanIntuiTalk | Denise Payne
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