February 2016


Swim among the tides of breath
whose sweetness awakens the soul;
to a gentle hum
streaming in endless directions from
the source of nothingness.

Kevin Yee-ChanHomecoming
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Traditionally Fluid

"What would it be like to use the routine of tradition to cultivate flexibility and openness in this moment?"

Traditions are sacred. They reminds us of our roots. By keeping them, they also provide a point of reference for the ways in which things change. We come back to something regular and stable as a way to notice what has shifted. But what happens when we get so focused on tradition that we fail to acknowledge any fluctuation around it?

Kevin Yee-ChanTraditionally Fluid
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Soundscape | Jeju Island

This soundscape crafted for the first Intuitive Yoga Retreat on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Enjoy the ride.

Kevin Yee-ChanSoundscape | Jeju Island
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