January 2016

IntuiTalk: Les Leventhal

In the last blog, we discussed ways of cultivating intuition and leadership within ourselves as a way of making global change on a local level. To follow up, we’ll take a closer look at the people that have inspired me directly- my tribe. This is the first in a series of IntuiTalks: interviews that are designed to provoke and inspire… and our chance to understand the many different forms and people through which the splendor of the universe is expressed.

I first met Les in Bali, where he currently lives and teaches yoga. I had heard about him through various friends and upon meeting, I could instantly understand why a smile follows every time someone mentions his name. His joy is empathetic, unapologetic, and infectious…

Kevin Yee-ChanIntuiTalk: Les Leventhal
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Alone, Together


Our world right now is evolving in a very unique way. Human population rising, resources declining, and technology advancing all means that it’s time for our connectivity with each other and our surroundings to deepen. Tools like the internet and social media have already proven useful in this regard- allowing us to know almost instantly of events on the opposite side of the world. But this goes far beyond viral videos or status updates. This is leading to a collective shift in our consciousness. Are you ready?

Kevin Yee-ChanAlone, Together
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Take quiet repose in the moment that unfolds.
It opens unlike any other before
And bears a mark distinct from those to come.

Kevin Yee-ChanUnfold
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