December 2015

Floating On Empty

There’s something freeing about being weightless. In that moment just at the height of a jump where for a split second you’re traveling neither up nor down, you lose sense of direction, of gravity… you float. Empty.

Kevin Yee-ChanFloating On Empty
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Less What, More How

Who am I?
Dancer. Teacher. Manager. Barista. Son. Designer. Traveller. Owner. Renter. Facilitator. Yogi.

Kevin Yee-ChanLess What, More How
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Buzzy Season

As time ticks steadily on, we enter into the month of June- ever closer to another solstice, another shift… Here in Bali, busy season is approaching and with it comes a buzz of energy whizzing in different directions.

Kevin Yee-ChanBuzzy Season
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