December 2015

Color Codes

In many places, the end of the calendar year is marked by a boisterous holiday season. There is a spectacular frenzy of energy, light, and color. As some families gather and some split apart, it can be a time of incredible joy, frustration, confusion, understanding, and love… there can be so many things to take in all at once. Sometimes there is sensory overload. Overwhelm.

Kevin Yee-ChanColor Codes
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A Love Letter.

Despair. There are moments in our lives when this feeling is unavoidable. Something happens- a misunderstanding with a loved one, a happy ending lost, senseless terror attacks… who knows why these things happen, but they do. And then for a flash, it appears: hopelessness.

Kevin Yee-ChanA Love Letter.
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You’re the Best

Silence. Meditation. Retreat. In most eastern spiritualities, these are revered as essential aspects of enlightenment. And for good reason.

Communication is tricky. From a very young age, our thought patterns are wired a certain way based on the language we learn to communicate with. The vocabulary it holds, the grammatical structure it provides, even the way the words roll off our tongues; it all filters our perception of the world we create.

Kevin Yee-ChanYou’re the Best
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