What is essential?

Over the last three months (which may have felt like three decades), this question has come up in many different ways. With time, there’s undoubtedly been shifts in our responses to this question. Stages of denial, grief, challenge, relief, repose, isolation, connection… we’ve witnessed a myriad of experiences within ourselves and others that we may not have felt so strongly for a long time. Or… ever.

That can be pretty uncomfortable. Anything new can be uncomfortable at first.

In yoga, it’s sometimes said, “the posture begins when you want to get out of it.” For me, this means that these moments at the edge of comfort- when we choose to show up and stick around in a real, honest way- reveal our character. It’s in these moments where I repeatedly remind myself that discomfort might just be the cracking open of a shell that has kept me in safe gestation toward a new world. A shell that may not be needed anymore.

As we begin to reemerge into this new world together, it is my hope that our eyes can connect in that humbling human way of seeing just how similar we are. How essential each one of us is in building this community we call home.

On the land of Songhees Nation- otherwise known as Victoria, BC- we’re reopening in-studio experience at Fernwood Yoga Den on June 15. With intimate class sizes, it is my hope that this brings a heightened attention and intention to the choices we make as we extend outwards again.

With a vision to keep accessibility at the forefront of this practice, we will also be live-streaming all sessions on our new Den @ Home platform. At this virtual studio, you have the option of attending a single class, or also getting a month of unlimited classes from brilliant Canadian teacher/practitioners. It’s an opportunity for me to rekindle connections with this global community of friends (you!) that I have made in my life. I would love to continue sharing practice time with you.

How we choose to go forward might not go as planned- what does these days? What I do know is that you- each one of you in this community- is essential. As always, my passion is to provide a space and experience where you can remember that in a real, honest way.






Understanding internal and systemic racism is a deeply sensitive and somewhat daunting task that I have been at for years. These two documentaries have been recent illuminations for me and I hope that you take the time to start understanding your own personal stories- the ones you were born into, the ones you perpetuate, the ones you might soften around, and the new ones that are waiting to be created.

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Kevin Yee-ChanWhat is essential?