an autumn retreat

14-17 November 2019
come back to nature

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As the leaves fall and animals retreat we take our queue from nature to SURRENDER INWARD. So much of the ancient practices is about returning to nature – within and without.


SURRENDER INWARD brings us to sweet communion with nature on the grounds of Bowen Island for four days and three nights of attention to movement, breathing, resting, being.

In Ayurveda, autumn is the season of vata- when the element of air is strongest. With Chinese Medicine, fall time is dominated by the organ systems of the lungs and skin. Both of these traditions emphasize the quality of breath through the skin and lungs as we draw inward towards winter. It is vital to enter ancient practices at times when they are most potent.

Days will begin and end with asana, qigong, meditation and nidra to ignite the body with nourishing breath. You’ll enjoy space to savor sumptuous meals, laughter to ease the spirit, and moments to tune in to the wisdom of your nature. Shed the unnecessary, fill the chambers of your heart. Surrender Inward.

14-17 November 2019

3 nights and 4 days of accommodation includes:
Twice daily yoga practice
Three meals per day

Non Resident: Yoga and meals only- $400 CAD
A-Frame: Single occupancy, no bathroom- $875 CAD
Cottage: Triple occupancy, shared bathroom- $875 CAD
Forest Cottage: Double occupancy, shared bathroom- $900 CAD
Main House: Double occupancy, shared bathroom- $900 CAD
Main House: Single occupancy, private bathroom- $950 CAD
Deposit to reserve your space: $408 CAD
Balance due: 1 month before retreat date

  • Activities include:
  • Yoga and qigong to refresh the body
  • Meditation to pacify the mind
  • Nature walks and hikes
  • Solo time to reflect
  • Community bonding activities
  • Delicious and nutritive food

will be your home tucked into the forests of Bowen Island in British Columbia.

The highlight of this family-run property is the Geodesic Yoga Dome immersed in the local nature. This allows us to reconnect with our bodies and gather to experience yoga the way it was created- in nature. The Forest Cottage, Nectar Loft, and Garden Suite are designed with simple care to invite you to a soothing rest at night. The Finnish sauna is the final touch on a divine experience to bring you fullness in body, mind, and spirit.