an energy and movement workshop

3-4 May
Squamish – Shala Yoga

What exactly is energy? Where does it move? How can we maximize its efficiency?

This workshop series is an in-depth dive into these questions drawing from the Chinese meridian systems of qigong in combination with yogasana and pranayama. You will learn about the directional movements of prana through the Pancha Vayus and how they move through the chakras in a way that unearths your body’s natural wisdom and power. You will leave with a sequence of movement and breath-work that fortifies the feeling of your energy body over time.

While it is relatively easy to mimic physical postures, the crux of any traditional movement practice comes when we understand the energetics of movement. It allows us to access layers of our subtle body that often go unnoticed in the busy-ness of everyday activity. It allows us to effect change on multiple levels that bring our body-mind-spirit structure into a wider scope of balance.

Kevin Yee-ChanQI. PRANA. POWER.