Mantras, Meditation, Magic!

the power of stillness and sound

22 June
Perth, Australia – Yogaworx

In order to understand movement, we must understand stillness.


This workshop begins with an exploration of the Chinese meridian systems of qigong in combination with yogasana and pranayama. You will learn about the directional movements of prana through the Pancha Vayus and how they move through the chakras in a way that aligns the physical and energetic bodies.

You’ll continue this energetic pathway into the realm of sound…

AUM is the simplest, most potent mantra that yogis and Buddhists have been using for centuries. Using this as a starting point, you’ll unravel how the movement of sound ripples through the mind/body/spirit system in deeply effective ways.

This workshop will provide you with a specific combination of movement, mantra, and meditation to move through the physical and awaken your energy body over time. Bring your voice, your body and tune into the power of sound.

Saturday 22 June
Perth, Australia – Yogaworx

Kevin Yee-ChanMantras, Meditation, Magic!