Earth & Sky Qigong

Drop-in classes

Fridays 9-9:45am
Nov 19 – Dec 17

Victoria, BC – Copper Mountain Centre

A qigong series that invites settled ease to your body.


Learn postures to ground your unique physical alignment (Earth) and breathing techniques to create fluid movement (Sky). Paired together, these create spacious momentum in the health of your vital organs.

Fridays 9-9:45am
Nov 19 – Dec 17
Drop-in: $15 per class
5-class series: $60-$90 sliding scale

Focus on


Personal alignment of feet, legs, and pelvis
Breathing techniques: chest, diaphragm, and belly breathing
Movement to promote circulation

All bodies and abilities welcome. Particularly helpful for those experiencing anxiety, distraction, heaviness, or depression. Bring groundedness to your feet and lightness to your heart.

Kevin Yee-ChanEarth & Sky Qigong