Body Lab: Floating and Flying

arm balances and inversions

9-10 June
Singapore – Outta Hatha Yoga

Inverting with ease.


Starting with a two-hour myofascial release session, you’ll learn how to create space in your body that engages lines of flexible strength. The lab continues with an exploration of bandhas– energetic locks- that collect and circulate the energy of your body leaving you to step through, balance, invert- to float and fly through your practice ease.

Body Lab is an opportunity to advance your yoga practice on a lasting level. Whether the focus is on a specific posture, breathwork, or meditation, each session will offer you guidance and preparation to move into deeper expressions of the practice in your unique body.

Outta Hatha Yoga, Singapore

Sunday June 9: 12:30-4:30pm
Monday June 10: 7-8:15pm

Kevin Yee-ChanBody Lab: Floating and Flying