Ayurveda and the Pancha Mahabhutas

The Science and 5 Great Elements of Yoga

17 April – 29 May
A Virtual Yoga Immersion

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Understanding the mechanics of the body, mind, spirit…


This series of classes is a cumulative course that weaves the science of yoga into the forefront of our practice. With a balance of movement, breath, and theory you’ll get to know how the system of yoga influences the instrument of the body so that it may be fine tuned toward the natural flow of health.

Using the Dinacarya (an Ayurvedic morning ritual) and the theory of the 5 elements as a structure for our time, each class will sow a different layer into the cultivation of your own personal practice. Assignments will be offered each week as a tool to integrate theory with embodiment.

Our weekly 2-hr sessions will meet virtually on Zoom. With a maximum of 6 students per class, we are given space to honor these teachings and your embodiment of them in a way that is personal and guided with care. To keep the vitality in this lineage of teachings alive, the course in this online format is offered exclusively for students that have practiced regularly with Kevin before. (Please reach out if there are any questions about this)


17 April – Ritual and Routine
Dinacarya for modern times
24 April – Earth
Nourishing the foundations
1 May – Water
Creativity and purification
8 May – Fire
Ignition, transmutation
15 May – Air
Taking flight
22 May – Space
Sitting, breathing, being
29 May – Balancing Act

Artful alchemy

What time?
Fridays: 8-10am or 10:30am-12:30pm
(exact time will be assigned upon registration and in consideration to the group as well as individual requests)


$100 – $180

This course is offered on a sliding scale to make it accessible for anyone who is truly interested in learning. If financial means are a deeper concern in any way, please reach out directly.

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Kevin Yee-ChanAyurveda and the Pancha Mahabhutas