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My favorite things is to go where I’ve never been.

Diane Arbus

  • There is only one word that comes in mind while describing the experience with Kevin- magic! That's what it was- pure magic...and a decent workout as well. Well here I think Kevin assesses your fitness condition and gives you practice specially for you, so no worries for the beginners. I actually think that this would be a wonderful first time yoga practice experience. The scenery was so beautiful, that its impossible to describe it in words. Practice with a view to jungle. And the brunch after was very tasty but the best part of it were the conversations with Kevin. If you would ask me one thing that I would suggest to do while being in Bali... I would suggest yoga with Kevin! <3

    Malvine, Latvia
  • I had an amazing time with Kevin learning about yoga and Hinduism. He knows his craft very well, and was very patient and takes time to help me with my flexibility. The secret location was a perfect yoga venue and the food was great! The water purification was totally new to me but Kevin explained the rituals and practices fervently. It wasn’t crowded at all so perfect for those avoiding it. Will definitely recommend Kevin to friends and family.

    John, Philippines
  • I participated in Kevin's Restorative class at Radiantly Alive and was immersed in relaxation and inner journey as he guided the class through the experience. I experienced release from both stress and blocked emotions and I would warmly recommend it to those looking for healing.

    Leo Pravda, Serbia

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25 April, 1:30-4:30pm | Cultivating the Seasons Within: Spring | Victortia, BC and Online – Fernwood Yoga Den

4-25 May, Tuesdays 7-8pm | Qigong, Yoga & Breathwork | Online – WomenMD

1-29 June, Tuesdays 7-8pm | Yin Yoga & Meditation | Online – WomenMD

1 October – 21 November | Living Yogic Wisdom 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training | Victoria, BC – Fernwood Yoga Den


Kevin Yee-Chan