Manifest: make less change, make more space.

As the year draws to a close, it seems that so many of us- intentionally or not- move into reflective practices. This can be a potent energy to ride as the majority of our society gathers collectively at the precipice of transition. It is a sacred space- much like sunrise or sunset- where we are not defined by day or night. It’s a space where we linger in-between definitions of what seems so concretely real and entertain the possibilities of that reality being altered. It is a void which invites possibility.

And as many renew their intentions- attempts to catalyze alterations in reality- I wonder why it is that many of us struggle to see this change through. As with most philosophical questions and cerebral musings, I turn to the body- to my physical practice- to guide me toward truth. After all, the body never lies.

What I have felt increasingly in my body is the yearning to move with as little effort as possible. What I have noticed is that any amount of force in the wrong direction at the wrong time illicits tension and creates blockage (injury). Blockage that prohibits the flow of prana- energy, movement, and life force- from moving through the body with its own organic health.

This is nothing new. Ancient internal arts practices like martial arts, qigong, and classical branches of yoga all move with this understanding. But in this day, it is all too easy to get distracted with the feast of external stimulation and so we lean into action. We lean into doing more and more, to filling our time, to packing it all in. We try to make our intentions manifest by doing and making change. And yet, there must be somewhere for these intentions to land. If our space is already full, there is no ground for them to root in.

So here is our work- to shift from the idea of making change to making space. When we shift our focus from forcing things into reality and instead clear space for our body to fully breathe, we not only land on the receiving end of the spectrum of manifestation, but we also free ourselves from effort by lightening our load. We position ourself from a place of ease, allowing us to shore up our energetic resources on moments when we really need them. We create a negative space that invites the descent of what is intentional toward reality.

By making less change and making more space- by showing up in whatever state we are and letting go of a little bit everyday- we invite openness, patience, and clarity to do the work of manifestation.


As my practice evolves in a more personal way, I’m excited to be shifting my focus toward space in extended trainings and private consultations. While I’ll still be teaching some open classes in Victoria, I’ll shift focus to be available for private consultations at Maya Health Clinic and Pacific Rim College offering bodywork treatments drawing on Reflexology, Tui Na, and Acupuncture.Also, a new community donation-based offering- Mantra Meditation Magic– begins in January.

Workshops, Retreats, and the Living Yogic Wisdom teacher training are other ways to find each other on this path with extended time and space to cultivate health and vibrancy in our bodies.

My dedication to learning continues as I traverse the half-way mark of an Acupuncture program at Pacific Rim College. In addition, I’ll be deepening my studies of Shadow Yoga with monthly visits to teachers in Berkley.

It is my honor and joy to share this journey with you, wherever you are, however you are.

With love.



Kevin Yee-ChanManifest: make less change, make more space.