Falling Back Into Rhythm

What a summer it’s been.
While the energy of endless sunny days always brings a certain buzz, this one seemed especially ripe with crescendos: voices long-waiting to be felt and sensed. Varying levels of quarantine have brought focus to the importance of mental health, cries of systemic/internal social injustices, and our ever-evolving relationship as guests on this planet we call Earth.

It can seem like everything that once provided a sense of normalcy and comfort has been swept out from under our feet, leaving us in a free fall. Whoa.

And yet, this can be a great time to practice.

While all the external and internal conditions continue to swirl with change, the rhythm of a practice- any practice- can be a steady check point to come back to. A place to land where we set down what no longer serves, take stock of the vitality that remains, and take another leap- voluntarily or not.
With each fall, we let the last fire of the sun burn up excess, fine-tune our ability to ride the currents of change in the air, and land in the sweet the harvest of another cycle completed. Letting ourselves fall into a rhythm of practice allows us to move in curiosity with the natural seasons and cycles of life.
As I ground into new ways of being in community in British Columbia, my intention is to bring traditional tools to life in our modern community. So you can trust your ability to leap, to soar, to ride with the currents of life- just as you are.
And then to know that I’ve got you- we’ve got you.
We can be your soft landing.
A place to fall into the rhythm of your fullest self.
To harvest a practice.
In your own time.
In community.
Kevin Yee-ChanFalling Back Into Rhythm