The Humble Power of Lineage

Originally published in KULA Magazine, Issue 28, September 24 2017.

“Where do you come from?”

As days continue to roll by, this question gets increasingly complicated to answer. Cultures mix, breeds cross, it becomes decreasingly likely to find a person with a single genealogical line.

Often in yoga, we are asked to follow a lineage- a genealogical line of its own sort. And as people and tastes continually diversify, there arises a discord between stepping into a lineage (guru complex, anyone?) versus stepping into one’s own power. One can be laced with submission and the other with ego. But what if they were the same thing?

Kevin Yee-ChanThe Humble Power of Lineage
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IntuiTalk | Joseph Imhauser

"Ingenuity feeds self-discovery through imagination and creativity."

Joseph is a creator on many levels. We met nearly 10 years ago, and over this time I have been lucky enough to witness the scope with which his art and life continually evolve. He has a perspective that is both expansive and universally inclusive; I am often left in awe of the ways that is expressed.

Through creation, he challenges the habits of the mind and participates in life in a way that moves beyond the constructs of socially imposed limitations. He is a multi-dimensional visionary that I humbly and gratefully adore.

Kevin Yee-ChanIntuiTalk | Joseph Imhauser
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IntuiTalk | Denise Payne

"It's not what you do, it's what you think about what you do that matters."

Denise and I first met when I stumbled into one of her open classes in Bali. After several years at the helm of her own studios in Portland, she came to share her talents and inspiration with the community in Ubud. I was quickly drawn to her clear and direct practice with all of its challenges and rewards. She offers ways of laughing with and enjoying hard work… something we all benefit from.

Her depth of practice with the chakra system, her constant reminders of ground, bandhas and breath and her lightness have been key factors in understanding my participation as a creator with life.

Kevin Yee-ChanIntuiTalk | Denise Payne
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