Alone, Together


Our world right now is evolving in a very unique way. Human population rising, resources declining, and technology advancing all means that it’s time for our connectivity with each other and our surroundings to deepen. Tools like the internet and social media have already proven useful in this regard- allowing us to know almost instantly of events on the opposite side of the world. But this goes far beyond viral videos or status updates. This is leading to a collective shift in our consciousness. Are you ready?

What does a collective shift in consciousness mean? There are many different answers, but the one I like to focus on is a practical way of deciding how we want to move forward and what we choose to leave behind for future generations.

For some time now, humans have relied on a certain model of society. It has been a model where we depend on chosen leaders to make a large number of very substantial decisions. Rome had emperors, Egypt had pharaohs… kings, queens, popes, lamas, presidents, prime ministers. Different names, same game.

Leaders are important. We can always benefit from someone who has vast wisdom and trusty instinct to make decisions we may not be knowledgable about. But as our world rapidly changes, perhaps our definition of a leader needs to start evolving with it. With this drastic increase in sheer numbers of people, our sole dependence on one leader who is far removed from our daily life needs to be rebalanced.

It’s not a coup or a fight against the big guys. They make important contributions to our world. However, maybe we can start looking for the quiet leaders. Maybe we make more opportunities for leaders to share their unique insights on a local, communal level.

This kind of leadership is one that is familiar with your daily rhythms of life: the small ups and downs, the histories and friendships, the values and needs. This kind of leader does not need a reference letter or a briefing. This leader understands the importance of working together mindfully and locally to make global impact. This person is connected to every little act and being he/she encounters during the day. This person leads from intuition. This person is you.

We must all begin to cultivate the leader on the most local level possible- the leader within. And the time to start collectively shifting our consciousness in this way is now. Because if we continue relying on other “higher ups” to lend a hand to those in need, to assure what we ingest is completely nourishing, to take care that what we leave behind can be nourishing to others… if we continue waiting for someone else to ask us to live sustainable and cooperatively, we are cutting ourselves off from a cycle of abundance that is life.

I hope that this year we can all give some of our time to become more aware of how we can act now that will leave a bright world for many generations to come… to discover our local leaders- in ourselves and each other.

In addition to some themes that I’m committed to practicing and fine-tuning over the next year, I’d like to share some of the people who have inspired me directly to cultivate the leader within, to cultivate my intuition. The good news is that due to our technological tools these days, inspiration from across the globe can have local benefit.


  1. Time is precious, and so is the company you keep
    Spend time with people who love and inspire you to be everything you dream. This time is the time you spend making your dreams a reality. This time with these people is the best investment you can make.

    Janet, Jenny, and Amy & David know how to make and keep good company that contributes to a vibrant and thriving world.

  2. Life is (y)our creation
    Your dreams come from a realm of infinite possibility. If they are benefitting not only you, but those around you in effect, there is no reason why they cannot manifest. Just keep two things in mind:

    First, get creative. When bringing something to this world from a realm of infinite possibility, we have to think outside the box. There may be no path or trail to guide you because you are the one who needs to make it. Honor what makes you unique.

    Second, share your dreams with your tribe. When thinking outside the box, the people you trust may have ideas that will help. This is when it is beneficial to surround yourself with people who inspire you. And while the vision may have sprung from your mind, it takes a whole series of people and events to make it happen.

    Joseph, Darius, and Nick are creators in many ways, but it all comes from their willingness to surrender common ideologies, leaving room for their unique ways of living and sharing.

  3. The path of least resistance becomes that way by spending time with resistance
    Water flowing down a river can be quite strong. Yet with all its force, it has the ability to soften when up against a boulder. It does not ask the boulder to move. It graciously bends around the resistance and continues downstream.

    When we can remain soft in the face of hardness, we can navigate our way to the currents that will allow us to continue floating within and around all the boulders in life. Then we can make space to observe the ride with graciousness and wonder… and maybe a little less resistance.

    Gede, Mesi, Hareesh, and Denise are three shining peace warriors. I have faced my own boulders and had the great honor of looking to them for inspiration on how to meet fear, pain, and uncertainty with softness.

  4. It is in giving that we receive
    In this lifetime, my mother has been my most long-standing, supportive, and inspiring guru. She tends to drop nuggets of wisdom in her notes and cards, and this was the last one I received in 2015.

    Abundance is a cyclical flow in life. When we stop seeing or practicing it, it stops coming. Your giving is someone else’s receiving. Your receiving is someone else’s giving. They are one and the same.

    Les, Andi, and Tiffany are inspiring teachers and friends who live every moment in this way. Their coffer is never empty.

  5. Drop the seeds of your intentions everywhere you go. In this way, the forest of your dreams is sure to rise around you.
    Every action is the cause or effect of another. Think of what you did today. In what ways did those actions spring from the past? Now think of what you did today and realize that in the same way, those actions are putting things in place for what’s to come. When we infuse each moment with our intention, the universe starts shaping around it.

    Tenzin and Liat both soak each moment with clear intention and the results emanate not only from them, but around them.


So this year, to help cultivate our intuitive nature and leader within, I hope we can all spend time with those who support and inspire us to be creative in the ways we face adversity. To soften around it to continue living abundantly for many years to come. That’s my intention. What’s yours?

Happy 2016. To you. And us. Leading the way…

Alone, Together.


With Love,


Kevin Yee-ChanAlone, Together

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