Medicinal Movement and Bodywork

Kevin is a passionate movement artist who uses his studies of yoga, qigong, and dance in conjunction with Chinese medicine to unravel and reweave the story of our body’s optimal health.

Inspired by the trajectory of the smallest internal ripples toward the largest external shifts, he understands movement as a tool to engage in life with vibrancy. He focuses on bringing harmony to the energy meridians and highlights their ability to affect our physical and mental patterns- their ability to affect our livelihood and our health.

Light-hearted and curious, his practice weaves global, modern viewpoints with the lineage of Chinese medicine, the embodiment of yoga, and the playful precision of dance. This creates health as a living, breathing story; a work of Internal Art.

Kevin currently spends most of his time in Victoria, BC where he teaches at Fernwood Yoga Den and Yoga Lab Victoria while learning the craft of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College.

His humble, relaxed, and strong ways of effecting change continue to bring his warmth around the globe where he shares the teachings of his teachers with joy.

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