Yoga. Dance. Wellness.

Kevin is a passionate movement artist who believes in yoga, dance, and wellness as ways to hone intuition and provoke empowerment from a place of integrity.

Through a 10-year career as a ballet/modern dancer and an expansive love of yoga, he has come to an intimate knowledge of the body from the most physical layers to the more subtle. His passion for empowerment through these bodies is based on traditions ranging from Tantric Shaivism to hatha, musical theater to classical Indian music, ballet to Chinese Medicine.

With luck and discipline, he has had the opportunity to make homes in North America, Europe, and South East Asia. All of these landscapes cast their own light on Kevin’s offerings which range from harmonizing bodywork to tonifying movement classes- each through deeply traditional teachings.

His practice weaves global, modern viewpoints with the timeless wisdom of yoga, dance, and holistic medicine which collectively support us to develop the curiosity, compassion, connection, and humor required to fully live.

Kevin currently spends most of his time in Victoria, BC where he teaches at Fernwood Yoga Den and is learning the craft of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College. His second home remains Bali where he is a guest teacher at Radiantly Alive and the founder/director of Embodied Arts Bali– a vibrant international dance school.

His grounded, humble, relaxed, and strong ways of effecting change continue to bring his light-hearted warmth around the globe where he shares his offerings with honor.

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