Movement and Bodywork

Kevin is an acupuncturist, yoga & qigong practitioner, and social justice artist who has been fascinated by the functions of the body for as long as he can remember.

In his first career as a ballet dancer, Kevin continually found himself turning to acupuncture and yoga as simple, potent tools to heal from multiple injuries and illnesses. As such, his practice weaves modern western embodiment science with ancient eastern healing arts like Chinese medicine and Hatha Yoga. He is continually in awe of these lineages and their ability to expand upon our intrinsic creative nature.

Kevin spends most of his time on Lekwungen Territories also known as Victoria, British Columbia where he offers acupuncture treatments at Copper Mountain Center and facilitates courses and trainings incorporating movement, breathwork, meditation, and more.

His humble, spacious, and direct ways of being invite curiosity. With compassionate curiosity alongside the tools of Chinese medicine and yoga, he believes that each of us has the agency to author a unique and vibrant journey with health and vitality in this world.

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